Jesse 'Ed' Davis / Leon Russel / The Allman Brothers Band
The Doobie Brothers / Eagles

Jesse 'Ed' Davis / Jesse Davis 1970 
my favorite  song >>>  7. Golden Sun Goddess
1. Reno Street Incident
2. Tulsa County
3. Washita Love Child
4. Every Night Is Saturday Night
5. You Belladonna You
6. Rock n Roll Gypsies
7. Golden Sun Goddess
8. Crazy Love

Jesse 'Ed' Davis / Ululu 1972 
セカンドアルバム。ファーストの明るさはちょっと消えつつあるが、レイドバックしる。My Captainの「Captain」とは彼が最初にいたバンドのリーダー、タジ・マハールの事。
 my favorite  song >>>  1. Red Dirt Boogie Brother
1. Red Dirt Boogie Brother
2. White Line Fever
3. Father On Down The Road
4. Sue Me Sue You Blues
5. My Captain
06. Ululu
07. Oh! Susannah
08. Strawberry Wine
09. Make A Joyful Noise
10. Alcatraz

Leon Russell / Leon Russell 1970 
彼がピアニストという事で敬遠していたが、とんでもない間違えだった。このサポートメンバーで解る通り、カッコ悪い訳が無い。声が最高!! あまりの感動に同じものを2枚、オレに買わせた超名盤。
my favorite  song >>>  5. Hummingbird 
01. A Song For You Russell4:08
02. Dixie Lullaby Russell/Stainton2:30
03. I Put A Spell On You Russell4:10
04. Shoot Out On The Plantation Russell3:10
05. Hummingbird Russell3:57
06. Delta Lady Russell4:00
07. Prince Of Peace Dempsey/Russell3:05
08. Give Peace A Chance Bramlett/Russell2:15
09. Hurtsome Body Russell3:35
10. Pisces Apple Lady Russell2:50
11. Roll Away The Stone Dempsey/Russell3:06
12. Masters Of War(Old Masters) Dylan 1:24
Leon Russell : Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
Bonnie Bramlett : Vocals
Delaney Bramlett : Guitar
Eric Clapton : Guitar
Merry Clayton : Vocals
Joe Cocker : Vocals
Jim Gordon : Drums
Buddy Harmon : Drums
George Harrison : Guitar
Jim Horn : Saxophone
Mick Jagger : Vocals
Alan Spenner : Bass
Chris Stainton : Keyboards
Ringo Starr : Drums
Klaus Voormann : Bass
Charlie Watts : Drums
B.J. Wilson : Drums
Steve Winwood : Keyboards
Bill Wyman : Bass 

Leon Russell / And The Shelter People 1971 
01.Stranger In A Strange Land Preston/Russell4:01
02.Of Thee I Sing Preston/Russell4:22
03.It's A Hard Rain Gonna Fall Dylan5:08
04.Crystal Closet Queen Russell2:59
05.Home Sweet Oklahoma Russell3:26
06.Alcatraz Russell3:51
07.The Ballad Of Mad Dogs And Englishmen Russell3:51
08.It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Dylan4:00
09.She Smiles Like A River Russell2:58
10.Sweet Emily Russell3:20
11.Beware Of Darkness Harrison4:40
12.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan3:38
13.Love Minus Zero/No Limit Dylan3:19
14.She Belongs To Me Dylan3:26
Barry Beckett : Keyboards, Organ
Chuck Blackwell : Drums
Joey Cooper : Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Ed Davis : Guitar
John Gallie : Keyboards, Organ
Jim Gordon : Drums
Roger Hawkins : Drums
David Hood : Bass
Jimmy Johnson : Guitar
Jim Keltner : Bass, Drums
Claudia Lennear : Vocals
Kathi McDonald : Vocals
Don Preston : Guitar, Vocals
Jim Price : Keyboards, Organ
Carl Radle : Bass
Leon Russell : Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Vocals
Chris Stainton : Guitar, Keyboards

Leon Russell / Will O' The Wisp 1975 
my favorite  song >>>7. Back To The Island
01. Will O' The Wisp Russell:54
02. Little Hideaway Russell4:17
03. Make You Feel Good Russell2:09
04. Can't Get Over Losing You Russell6:30
05. My Father's Shoes Russell4:20
06. Stay Away From Sad Songs Russell4:08
07. Back To The Island Russell5:25
08. Down On Deep River Russell4:00
09. Blue Bird Russell3:58
10. Laying Right Here In Heaven Russell2:55
11. Lady Blue Russell3:31
Tommy Allsup : Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
J.J. Cale : Flute, Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Moon Calhoun : Drums
Ambrose Campbell : Drums, Drums (Snare), Percussion
Steve Cropper : Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Slide Guitar
Donald "Duck" Dunn : Bass
Teddy Jack Eddy : Drums, Drums (Snare)
Rev. Patrick Henderson : Keyboards, Organ, Percussion, Tabla, Tambourine
Carl Himmel : Drums, Drums (Snare), Percussion
Masako Hirayama : Biwa
Jim Horn : Sax (Alto), Saxophone
Al Jackson : Drums, Drums (Snare), Percussion
Al Jackson, Jr. : Drums, Percussion
Jim Keltner : Bass, Drums, Drums (Snare), Percussion
Bobby Manuel : Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Mary McCreary : Tambourine, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
David Miner : Bass, Percussion
Don Preston : Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Carl Radle : Bass
Leon Russell : Bass, Bass (Electric), Clavinet, Guica, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Piano (Electric), Slide Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mary Russell : Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

The Allman Brothers Band / Brothers & Sisters 1973 
my favorite  song >>> 2. Ramblin' Man /5. Southbound
1. Wasted Words Allman
2. Ramblin' Man Betts
3. Come And Go Blues Allman
4. Jelly Jelly Allman
5. Southbound Betts
6. Jessica Betts
7. Pony Boy Betts

The Allman Brothers Band / The Allman Brothers Band 1969
my favorite  song >>> 6. Dreams / 7. Whipping Post
1. Don't Want You No More Davis/Hardin2:25
2. It's Not My Cross To Bear Allman5:02
3. Black Hearted Woman Allman5:08
4. Trouble No More Waters3:45
5. Every Hungry Woman Allman4:13
6. Dreams Allman7:18
7. Whipping Post Allman5:17

Duane Allman / Anthology 1972
my favorite  song >>>5. The Weight / 3. Please Be With Me / 6. Statesboro Blues
01. B. B. King Medley:
000Sweet Little Angel/It's My Own Fault/How Blue Can You Get? The Hourglass
02. Hey Jude Wilson Pickett
03. The Road Of Love Clarence Carter
04. Goin' Down Slow Duane Allman
05. The Weight Aretha Franklin
06. Games People Play King Curtis
07. Shake For Me John Hammond
08. Loan Me A Dime Boz Scaggs
09. Rollin' Stone Johnny Jenkins
01. Livin' On The Open Road Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
02. Down Along The Cove Johnny Jenkins
03. Please Be With Me Cowboy
04. Mean Old World Eric Clapton And Duane Allman
05. Layla Derek & The Dominos
06. Statesboro Blues The Allman Brothers Band
07. Don't Keep Me Wondering The Allman Brothers Band
08. Standback The Allman Brothers Band
09. Dreams The Allman Brothers Band
10. Little Martha The Allman Brothers Band

The Doobie Brothers / Captain & Me March 1973
my favorite  song >>>2. Long Train Runnin' / 7. South City Midnight Lady
01. Natural Thing Johnston3:17
02. Long Train Runnin' Johnston3:25
03. China Grove Johnston3:14
04. Dark Eyed Cajun Woman Johnston4:12
05. Clear As The Driven Snow Simmons5:18
06. Without You Doobie Brothers4:58
07. South City Midnight Lady Simmons5:27
08. Evil Woman Simmons3:17
09. Busted Down Around O'Connelly Corners Luft48
10. Ukiah Johnston3:04
11. The Captian And Me Johnston4:53

Eagles / The Best Of Eagles 
my favorite  song >>>2. Peaceful Easy Feeling
01. Take It Easy
02. Peaceful Easy Feeling
03. Desperado
04. Tequila Sunrise
05. The Best of My Love
06. Lyin' Eyes
07. Take It To The Limit
08. One Of These Nights
09. Hotel Califolnia
10. New Kid In Town
11. Life In The Fast Lane
12. Heartache Tonight
13. The Long Run